Volunteering at St. Mary’s Food Bank

Drake human resources department volunteering at St Mary's Food Bank

Every day, thousands of Arizonans go hungry. The food insecurity in Arizona is rapidly growing, with a startling number of people being driven into poverty every day. To combat this crisis demands our immediate action and collaboration.

As part of their social responsibility, Drake is committed to giving back to this community through active involvement in the surrounding areas, both economically and socially. They are always looking for opportunities where they can help make a difference and improve people’s lives. 

Last July 24, The Drake Human Resources Department volunteered at St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix. The team had no idea what an important and eye-opening experience it would be for the members who attended. These volunteers were assigned to pack emergency food boxes for families struggling financially due to unemployment or other hardships during this pandemic. After hours spent stuffing bags of food into boxes while listening to different stories and views – these people felt like true humanitarians by day’s end. 

Volunteering for a cause is one of the most fulfilling experiences – A memorable and rewarding day. It teaches empathy and builds character, and helps people connect with their communities. That’s why Drake cultivates the spirit of volunteerism through initiatives like this. They think about the big picture and how their actions can affect everyone as responsible corporate citizens. 

Let us all be grateful for the kindness and goodwill of St. Mary’s Food Bank, which led to this charitable event. They are a community-based organization that helps alleviate hunger by gathering and distributing food to those in need while encouraging self-sufficiency, collaboration, advocacy, and education. They have been doing this for 50 years, hosting countless programs and drives while maintaining safety precautions for everyone involved. 

Drake couldn’t have done it without St. Mary’s Food Bank and all the generous sponsors – especially those who donated their time as volunteers and contributed products. But most importantly, thank you so much for all the donations that make such an impactful difference in someone else’s life. Ready to make a difference in the world? Join St. Mary’s Food Bank and volunteer as an individual or as a group!

Drake - Making A Positive Impact Through Volunteerism


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