Drake Honors All of Our Interns

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Drake would like to thank all the interns we have had over the years, especially those who are now fully employed in any of the Drake Companies! Our interns are shining examples of hard work.

These tenacious individuals have been tirelessly contributing their time, knowledge, and energy as they try to learn the ropes in this exciting industry. Sometimes the challenges presented can take their toll on even the most motivated individual, but that never seems to stop them from continuing forward. From tackling big projects like cement and materials productions or creating strategies for marketing campaigns, we’re always excited when they come up with fresh ideas that help us build an ever-growing business together.

On July 29, America celebrates National Intern Day. Internships have always been an integral part of the American workforce. Interns not only learn from experienced staff but also get to do real work. They are often trusted with responsibilities such as filing important documents, making calls, or assisting someone who’s been in the field for a long time, essentially learning how to do their job from scratch.

An intern is always someone who has a lot of ambition. Whether you’re just out of college, still in school, or even if it’s your first day at the office – an internship can be life-changing and will likely turn into something more permanent.

Along with a source of income, internships are great for people who want to learn more about the different industries on offer. A good internship might also be a stepping stone into an exciting and fulfilling career!

Thank you to all the interns across the U.S. who have passed through Drake. Your hard work has made this company what it is today, and we look forward to seeing where your careers take you!

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