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Pozzolanic materials have applications in strengthening cement and concrete materials. All pozzolanic materials react with calcium hydroxide to form the cementitious compound calcium silicate hydrate. They are also useful in reducing the effects of the alkali-silica reaction (ASR) in cementitious composites, reacting with hydroxyl ions and portlandite to produce new phases that trap alkali ions.

Using a pozzolan for your project will reduce your Portland cement requirement, supporting carbon emission reductions and helping the transition to a green economy. At Drake Cement, we are proud to supply natural Pozzolan as part of our commitment to providing socially responsible construction materials.


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Drake Class N Pozzolan

There are several classes of pozzolanic materials. Residual fly ash from coal-burning plants constitutes Class F and Class C pozzolans. While it is beneficial to use this byproduct of energy production, coal plants are a source of air pollution and are associated with other environmental issues.

At Drake Cement, we are a supplier of Class N Pozzolan, a material derived from natural deposits of volcanic ash. Millions of years ago, the landscape of Arizona was littered with active volcanoes. Powerful eruptions left deposits of volcanic ash, pumice, and obsidian. We grind these materials into a fine, uniform powder that is ideal for use in cement and concrete, meeting all the chemical and physical requirements for ASTM C-618.

a photograph of a natural pozzolan

Benefits of Natural Pozzolan

Natural pozzolanic ash is a powerful resource for enhancing the performance of cement and concrete. Working with volcanic fly ash improves the quality and strength of the final product by addressing several issues caused by unabsorbed calcium hydroxide.


Pozzolans convert calcium hydroxide to stronger calcium silicate hydrate. This chemical change creates a more consistent product with long-term strength.

Reduced Chemical Reactivity

Over time, unreacted calcium hydroxide will leach out of cement, leaving areas vulnerable to water infiltration and damage from dissolved chemicals. Class N pozzolan reduces this risk.

Lower Temperature Sensitivity

In colder regions, water infiltration can cause damage during freeze/thaw cycles. Pozzolanic ash minimizes the porosity of the material.

Minimized Efflorescence

Because the resulting product is chemically stable, the use of a natural pozzolan reduces white-powder efflorescence on cement or concrete surfaces.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Manufacturing Portland cement results in high carbon emissions. Class N pozzolan can take the place of up to 40% of the Portland cement in a concrete mix.

Social Responsibility

Sustainable companies recognize their social responsibility, act accordingly, and as a result garner support for the ultimate benefits they provide. At Drake Cement, we acknowledge our impact on the world around us and recognize that our ability to operate successfully is inherently connected to our performance as a responsible corporate citizen.


As a natural resource company, we must measure our performance by more than the traditional bottom line. At Drake Cement, we judge success by the triple bottom line of economic, environmental, and social performance.

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Drake believes deeply in being active, visible, and generous supporters of the communities in which we live and work.

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